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        Megan is a passionate (some say nutty!) follower of Jesus who said yes to the call of God at nineteen.  She cares deeply about helping to shape the culture of youth, families, men and women through being authentic in a broken world and finding hope and healing through Jesus. Megan received her Master’s degree with an emphasis in Youth and Family Ministries from Fuller Theological Seminary and is a full-time ordained pastor in Newport Beach. 

          Since 1990, Megan has worked in the trenches of ministry at a variety of churches, including Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA where she served for nine years. There she co-authored and ran a ministry called Life Hurts – God Heals, which is now in over 6,000+ churches both nationally and internationally.  All of her work has involved pastoral counseling on many levels from the thousands of youth, men and women. Her network and influence both locally and nationally, runs both deep and wide. 

She’s a VERY proud wife & mom, former youth minister of 20+ years, national speaker and author, as well as the sole proprietor of thinkbig320© a speaking ministry based in Ephesians 3:20 promising God’s power to work within us. 

        Her husband Adam is hydro-geologist (try saying that 10x) who, after spending a year in Africa, is passionate to help developing countries get clean drinking water. He works for the Orange County Water District. 

For fun, her husband Adam swims laps, surfs and gardens. For fun, Megan sings in the shower (as if she were on Broadway), surfs and teaches spin at a local gym class.  Together, they LOVE doing just about everything under the sun with their two teenage sons.

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